The "gold bugs" are pretty much banking on the shit hitting the fan. They almost hope it happens. They're giddy. And while I understand (and agree with) metals being a hedge, the only way metals drastically goes up in value is if they're right and the whole country and money system falls apart. Who wants that?

Yet with crypto. It has some of the same dynamics. However, it also solves TONS of problems for people. It has TONS of actual, concrete use cases that go way beyond merely looking pretty in a vault.

Crypto will drastically go up in value because it is the birth of a new asset class and a whole new financial system. It will neuter middlemen. It will allow the unbanked to participate in the financial system. It is the single biggest REAL solution to wealth inequality I can think of.

But, metal. It sits there.

Precious metals are fine. But, it is no comparison. Crypto will inevitably rise because of it's usefulness. Metals RELY on the shit hitting the fan.

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